Vacationing in Bali is the best choice. Who would have thought that now you can enjoy another excitement there, namely playing ATVs. Get the experience of ATV Ride Bali with a variety of attractive package price options. Through these activities, you will be invited to explore places with natural nuances in a different way.
Of course, now there are choices of the best places to become destinations in carrying out exciting activities on ATV rides. For those of you who are curious, you should listen to this article to the end.

Recommendations for the best places to play ATV Bali

Actually there are many activities that can be used as an option to relieve fatigue due to busy activities. One of them is just by trying the excitement of riding an ATV Bali. Some of the best places to choose are:

  1. Bongkasa Pertiwi Village
    This time you can try the Bali ATV experience only in Bongkasa Pertiwi Village. Later you will explore garden areas, rice fields and even local forests which are still very natural. Regarding the condition of the track itself, it is still wet. So it’s only natural that the activity of riding an ATV will feel more challenging.
    Now you can try riding an ATV in Bali with a choice of tandem rides or single rides. The cost you need is definitely different. Usually ranges from IDR 600 thousand to IDR 1 million rupiah.
  2. Singapadu Village
    Actually, Singapadu Village is located in the Ubud area which is now often used as a stopover for those of you who wish to experience Bali ATV riding. You can later find quad bikes with engine capacities of 125 cc or even 250 cc. You can find a typical rural atmosphere that is so beautiful when you are adventuring.
  3. Taro Village
    Playing ATV in Bali provides its own excitement for anyone. Moreover, the available terrain is quite challenging. So beginners should try the excitement of riding an ATV.
    Through Taro Village, you will find 3 interesting activities. Whether it’s a gold ride, silver ride or even a platinum ride. The difference is actually only in the facilities as well as the duration.
  4. Payangan Village
    The choice of the best place to experience Bali ATV rides is of course Payangan Village. Where the village promises a beautiful and stunning natural scenery. You also have the opportunity to see firsthand the beauty of Lake Batur.
    This ATV ride activity in Bali which already exists in Payangan Village has a duration of approximately 2 hours. The route that you can go through is also interesting. there are areas of rice fields, wet tracks, and even other citrus gardens.
    Regarding the rates that you need to pay to be able to get these services, of course they are very affordable. So don’t hesitate anymore to try the excitement of riding an ATV while in Bali.
    Those were various interesting choices for tourist villages in Bali which are fun to be used as ATV playing locations. Exciting and fun activities so you won’t get bored doing these activities. Moreover, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery typical of the Balinese countryside which seems so beautiful.
    Hopefully the presence of the explanation above makes you feel interested in trying the excitement of riding ATV Bali. Each available village presents its own experience. So from one village to another village is definitely different.
    If you are doubtful just because you think that ATV rides in Bali are expensive. Try to get rid of these thoughts. Due to the fact that the rates provided are affordable for all groups. You can choose whether to choose a tandem package or a single package.
    If you want to feel the excitement of riding an ATV alone, of course, you can choose the single package, which is somewhat cheaper. Don’t hesitate anymore to try the excitement of riding an ATV in a village in Bali.

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