If you wish to try climbing, Mount Batur is a good place to start. Don’t rush up to the Rinjani class because the elevation is more than twice that of Mount Batur. You can use your Mount Batur trekking expertise as a springboard for more difficult following climbs. Aside from that, Mount Batur offers sensations and views that rival those of other mountains.

Preparation for the ascent of Mount Batur

Even though it is not a particularly high peak, Mount Batur requires meticulous preparation. You shouldn’t immediately leave because the ascent will take roughly 2 hours. Your trekking experience on Mount Batur will be influenced by your preparation. Here are some preparation tips to keep in mind:

  1. Physical preparation
    The physical preparation in question is that you must be in good health to climb. Climbing is not recommended when the body is weak or unwell. If necessary, you can perform a health check and bring any medications that may be required.
    The best method to physically prepare for climbing is to exercise and do stamina training. Run that distance to prepare your body so you are not surprised by the ascending terrain. Do some regular physical workout movements as well so that your body feels fit when climbing.
  2. Determine the ascent time
    You must also choose the best time to climb Mount Batur. The major ascent time must be adjusted based on the weather forecast. Especially during the rainy season when the weather is unfavorable.
    If you ascend at the proper time of day, you can see the dawn. Because in certain weather conditions, the sunrise can be obscured by fog. The smoothness of the climb will also be determined by the weather. If it suddenly rains, climbing activities must be postponed or even canceled if time is of the essence.
  3. Set up climbing equipment
    Mount Batur trekking can be prepared with minimal equipment. Because of the relatively short climbing distance, you are not required to remain overnight. As a result, there is no need to transport bulky items such as tents and other similar items.
    However, there is a lot of important equipment that you must prepare. Warm clothing and climbing shoes are among the items required. You should also carry a flashlight because the ascent begins at 4 a.m. Not to mention, you must bring garbage bags made of plastic or something similar.
  4. Gather supplies
    You must also arrange adequate supplies to make the climbing procedure go smoothly. The most important thing is to bring enough of drinking water. You can pack some light snacks and convenience meals for the hike. If you need more food or hot drinks, there is a stall near the top where you may obtain them.
  5. Register in advance of climbing
    After you have completed all of your climbing requirements, you can depart for Kintamani, Bali. When you arrive at the base of Mount Batur, register at the climbing guidance post. If you don’t have any climbing experience, you can hire a guide and arrange payment at the post. After that, you can look for lodging while you wait for the time to climb.

These are the five most critical things to prepare for your Mount Batur trekking adventure. Can you already imagine the thrill of climbing Mount Batur? Let’s go on a hike right away to get a taste of the genuine thing! Don’t forget to charge your camera or cellphone so you can catch the finest moment.