A1 [ C or U ] UK (UK casual holidays); (UK casual hols); (US excursion)

Have you made a decision in which you’re going in your vacation(s) this yr?

Patricia is on holiday next week.

How many days’ excursion do you get along with your new activity?

St Patrick’s Day is a holiday in Ireland.

We have been at home for the vacations.SMART Vocabulary: palabras y expresiones relacionadas

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vacation Inglés de negocios

pass on vacation Are you going away on holiday this year?

My PA does most of my paintings once I’m on excursion.

She had already used all her excursion entitlement.

How many days of vacation do you get a year?

a time while you do not must pay something which you usually ought to pay:

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As youngsters were assumed to spend weekends and vacations with mother and father, no faculty-associated clothing became blanketed.

The 2nd cause changed into due to public and statutory holidays.

In addition to public holidays, one day a month was misplaced for machine servicing.

On the vacations, wherever he camped, a hundred tents would join him.

They protested over instant or enormously shortterm troubles like advert hoc needs over salary hikes, vacations, dismissals or healing of allowances.

Moreover, there are fifty two weeks in a year, and apart from holidays and planned and unplanned downtime, there had been approximately 50 viable process weeks consistent with year.

Across the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the range of spiritual holidays become steadily reduced, every now and then with the aid of the kingdom and sometimes by means of the church buildings themselves.

Education and vacations additionally function in large part in this option of theses on youngsters and towns.

Except for boundaries on work on non secular holidays, professional law of the every day and weekly round declined.

Thus, a change union would possibly offer reductions on holidays to its participants, and threaten non-participants with ostracism.

Events like remembering visits by using spouse and children, birthdays or holidays have been utilized by every other 18 % to aid reminiscence.

We asked kids approximately their college, family, home, vacations, and clinical history.

She says they ‘ caught up ‘ at weekends and on vacations.

Which friend did the man restore the roof for all through the holidays?

Which ladder did the man restore the roof with in the course of the vacations?

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For instance, the non-resident figure is assumed to take his contact youngsters on his annual holiday.

Some people will need to allow their houses for less than 12 months; as an example, while on an extended vacation or when running overseas.

It is consequently my first-class challenge to enroll in in wishing everyone a happy holiday.

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假期,假日, 法定假日,節日, 去度假…

假期,假日, 法定假日,节日, 去度假…

vacaciones, fiesta, pasar las vacaciones…

férias, feriado, veranear…en más idiomas

(jour [masculine, masculine] de) congé, vacances [female…

vacances, festa, passar les vacances…

عُطْلة, إجازة, عُطْلة العُطْلة…

volný den, prázdniny, dovolená…

วันหยุด, ช่วงที่ไม่ต้องทำงาน…

ngày nghỉ, thời gian nghỉ…

der Ferientag, die Ferien (pl.)…

helligdag [masculine], fridag [masculine], ferie [masculine]…

vacanza, festa, giorno di festa…

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