A1 [ C or U ] UK (UK casual holidays); (UK casual hols); (US holiday)

Have you made a decision in which you are going to your excursion(s) this 12 months?

Patricia is on holiday subsequent week.

How many days’ vacation do you get with your new task?

St Patrick’s Day is a vacation in Ireland.

We were at domestic for the vacations.SMART Vocabulary: related phrases and terms

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excursion Business English

pass on excursion Are you going away on excursion this year?

My PA does maximum of my work when I’m on vacation.

She had already used all her vacation entitlement.

How many days of vacation do you get a yr?

a time while you do not need to pay something that you usually ought to pay:

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As youngsters had been assumed to spend weekends and vacations with dad and mom, no college-related apparel become protected.

The 2nd motive changed into due to public and statutory vacations.

In addition to public vacations, sooner or later a month become misplaced for system servicing.

On the holidays, anyplace he camped, 100 tents could join him.

They protested over immediately or fairly shortterm issues like ad hoc needs over wage hikes, vacations, dismissals or healing of allowances.

Moreover, there are 52 weeks in a yr, and with the exception of holidays and deliberate and unplanned downtime, there were about 50 feasible manner weeks in line with yr.

Across the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the variety of religious holidays changed into gradually decreased, on occasion through the nation and every so often by means of the church buildings themselves.

Education and holidays also function largely in this option of theses on youngsters and towns.

Except for barriers on paintings on religious holidays, professional regulation of the each day and weekly spherical declined.

Thus, a change union would possibly provide reductions on vacations to its participants, and threaten non-participants with ostracism.

Events like remembering visits by using relatives, birthdays or vacations had been utilized by another 18 % to resource reminiscence.

We asked children approximately their school, family, home, holidays, and medical history.

She says they ‘ stuck up ‘ at weekends and on holidays.

Which pal did the man repair the roof for throughout the vacations?

Which ladder did the person restore the roof with in the course of the vacations?

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For instance, the non-resident determine is assumed to take his contact youngsters on his annual vacation.

Some human beings will need to permit their homes for less than three hundred and sixty five days; for example, when on an extended vacation or while working abroad.

It is consequently my first-class task to join in wishing everybody a glad vacation.

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