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This suggests grade degree primarily based at the word’s complexity.

This suggests grade degree primarily based on the word’s complexity.

a day constant via law or custom on which ordinary enterprise is suspended in commemoration of a few occasion or in honor of some person.

any day of exemption from paintings (outstanding from running day).

a time or duration of exemption from any requirement, duty, assessment, and so forth.: New companies can be granted a one-yr tax holiday.

a non secular ceremonial dinner day; holy day,particularly any of several commonly commemorative holy daysobserved in Judaism.

Sometimes holidays. Chiefly British. a period of cessation from paintings or considered one of pastime; vacation.

an unintentional hole left on a plated, lined, or painted floor.

of or referring to a festival; festive; joyous: a holiday temper.

suitable for a holiday: holiday apparel.

Chiefly British. to holiday: to vacation at the seaside.


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The wet weather couldn’t ________ my elated spirits on my commencement day.

before 950; Middle English; Old English hāligdæg.See holy, dayOTHER WORDS FROM excursion

pre·hol·i·day, adjectiveWords close by excursion

Hol Hamoed, Holi, holiatry, holibut, -holic, holiday, excursion camp, holidayer, holidaymaker, holiday season, holier-than-thouOther definitions for holiday (2 of two)

Billie”Lady Day”, 1915–fifty nine, U.S. jazz singer. UnabridgedBased at the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2022How to apply holiday in a sentence

To that stop, several corporations are putting apart Election Day as a paid vacation to ensure that their employer safeguards rather than impedes personnel’ potential to vote.

Shapps was compelled to go back early from a circle of relatives excursion in Spain in July after the united states of america was placed at the quarantine listing.

Hi there, that is Katherine in London filling in for Eamon, who is off on a well-deserved vacation.

It stays to be visible whether or not clients will return to shops in large numbers for holiday 2020 purchasing.

On pinnacle of this, Prime Day has in all likelihood moved from Q3 to Q4, growing unheard of crossover with the vacation buying season.

Day a state holiday, 21 years after President Reagan made it a federal excursion.

Not lengthy after the vacation offers are put away and the visitors have long past domestic, any other season begins.

While touring this vacation season, a relative and I had been pulled over by way of a police officer.

Otherwise, we are able to be but celebrating an empty vacation, lacking its proper meaning altogether.

Gävle Goat must be dreading the imminent vacation and his fifty-fifty hazard of destruction.

Ascension being a holiday right here, all we pianists made up a strolling celebration out to Tiefurt, approximatelymiles distant.

For instance, few workmen will take a holiday; they decide upon a “day’s out” or “play.”

Isaacson did no longer visit Mrs. Chepstow once more before he left London for his annual holiday.

Indeed, it made me recognize for the primary time that even a Bank Holiday want now not be a day of wrath and mourning.

In 1878 Mathieson and I took a quick vacation collectively and crossed to Ireland.British Dictionary definitions for excursion (1 of 2)

(regularly plural) mainly British a length wherein a smash is taken from work or studies for rest, tour, or recreationUS and Canadian phrase: vacation (as modifier)a holiday temper

an afternoon on which paintings is suspended by means of law or custom, consisting of a non secular pageant, bank holiday, etcRelated adjective: ferial

(intr) in particular British to spend a holidayWord Origin for holiday

Old English hāligdæg, actually: holy dayBritish Dictionary definitions for vacation (2 of two)

Billie. actual call Eleanora Fagan; called Lady Day. 1915–fifty nine, US jazz singer

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