If you are planning to travel to Germany and bring your American appliances, there are a couple of things to be aware of.

It is important to know that the majority of American appliances are made to operate on 110 volts. Most German appliances are made to operate on 220 voltages. That means that if you connect an American stereo or computer, razor, or other appliance into an German outlet, it will damage it! The prongs differ, so it’s difficult to make this error, but outlet adapters are available and it happens frequently. The reason adapters are being sold is that certain American appliances are Dual Voltage and are able to run on 110 or 220 volts.

To determine if your appliance is Dual-Voltage , examine the power information on the appliance or on the appliance or the power box that is attached to the cord. If you are still unable to find the details, refer to the manual for your user. If your appliance isn’t dual voltage, the only option you’ll have to utilize the appliance in Germany is to buy an energy converter.

Power converters are available via the internet (of course) or at select hardware and appliance stores. If you have access to an U.S. Army base in Germany You can buy one from the Post Exchange.

When choosing your power converter, ensure that it is changing 220 volts into 110 volts, and not the opposite. The next step is to choose the right size power converter you’ll require to power your device(s) This is fairly straightforward. Examine the power output of the device to ensure that it is at or less than, and below is suggested, that the power converter’s voltage is.

Certain clocks/alarm clocks may be slower or more efficient than normal, even if the clock is dual voltage. The only way to prevent this is to ensure that it is high quality and is relatively new. If the clock is connected into a power converter , this shouldn’t be a problem.

Amsterdam Cheap Travel Information… Have Fun!

If you are looking for an affordable trip to Europe The city of Amsterdam is the best option. Amsterdam is cheap in comparison to other European cities, but without sacrificing the quality of your trip.


Amsterdam is certainly a stunning city. It is also the fourth most frequented city in the region , just behind Paris, Rome, and London. The majority of people speak one of French as well as German and/or both. They also speak English as well as Dutch also. The region is fairly flat. There aren’t any slopes or hills like the other European cities. If you’re looking to explore Amsterdam on walking, the city is suitable to hiking. It will save you the hassle of renting cars and hiring taxicabs to take you around the city. Also, since Amsterdam is a city with a lot to see, hiking could make the perfect way to fill your day while you explore various attractions that the city has to provide.

If you aren’t a fan of the need to hike, Amsterdam provides not only inexpensive, but also free transport. White-bikes are plentiful throughout the city. In fact , there are more than 700,000 bikes waiting to be used. You can ride one of these communal bikes and take it back to the next. They are located in various locations in the city, so it’s not a problem to find one.

Are you not a fan of hiking or biking but still want to take a cheap Amsterdam holiday? It is possible to take any of the public transport options in the town. Amsterdam has some of the most efficient bus, train and tram lines in Europe. They are affordable and the service is excellent.


Amsterdam is lined with a variety of museums and monuments that are often only a few steps away from each other. In fact, Amsterdam has 42 museums and more than 7,000 monuments within its boundaries. If you’d like to explore them with no confusion, Amsterdam has created seven routes to wake up on specifically for you.

It is possible to see the work from Hals, Vermeer, Rembrandt as well as other famous artists from around the world in Amsterdam’s most famous museum – The Rijks museum. Are you a Van Gogh fan? Vincent Van Gogh has his own museum in the vicinity of Rijks. If you are looking for more contemporary and contemporary art, painting, and pottery, go to the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. To get a better understanding of Amsterdam in the 1600s, you can go to the Museum Willet-Holthuysen , which is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

If you are visiting during summer (July-August) you can expect to see beds of Tulips as well as other Holland’s prideflowers like Daffodils, narcissus and other blooms.

The canal is a must-see. In summer, you can explore the city on a boat. The canal in the city stretches up to 100km, giving an alternative method of seeing the city. In winter, the canal is frozen and transformed into an athletic site where skating events are held.


Amsterdam isn’t a typical European city that requires you to pay a lot of money to live. Amsterdam does not have premium rates as cities in other European cities. It is possible to stay in one or more hostels within Amsterdam less than $70. Food is also affordable within the city. You can eat an average meal for less than $15. Transport is also affordable. Tram passes can be purchased at $5 or less for unlimited rides for the day.

Beautiful views and a an abundance of culture and history provide an ample reason to visit Amsterdam. With prices that are affordable, you will surely be awed by your time in Amsterdam.

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